What to find in a survival equipment shop

When you are a person who loves adventure in the wild, then you must consider carrying survival equipment during your expeditions. As much as most hunters carry the survival equipment in all their missions, it is highly advisable that they carry them when venturing into unfamiliar territory. The territory that you venture in may also dictate the type of equipment to be used. Here are some of the basic equipment that you can get in a normal survival equipment shop like Fluchtrucksack.

Directional compass

The compass is one of the most important equipment that you will be required to carry when venturing into an unfamiliar territory that is vast. The compass is usually used to help the person triangulate their location and determine the best direction to follow depending on where you want to go. A quick glance at the compass will give you the direction of where you are headed. It is very simple to use and easy to carry around.


Water filter and bottle

Water is the most vital requirement of any adventurous journey. It is said that one can survive without food up to three weeks, but no one can go without water for more than three days. This explains why you need to carry a water filter and a bottle in such journeys. Some bottles have inbuilt micro filters. Such a bottle can be very effective if it’s being used by a single person. However, if you are a group of people, you may need a filter that holds gallons of water.


Waterproof matches

Waterproof matches are usually used to light fires. Fire can be used to keep warm during cold nights. In some difficult terrains, fire can be used as a signal to call out for help or used by rescuers to locate your position. Some psychologists say that fire can be used to create a comforting environment in extreme conditions. Waterproof matches are essential because they can be dried even when they are wet.



Sometimes one can find themselves in very dark areas during their venture, it is important that you have a flashlight to help you find your way around. The flashlight can also be used to scare away some wild animals without employing a tactical approach. One needs to have sufficient backup batteries so that the light does not fail them when they need them the most.



The whistle is equally important when going in an area that is unpredictable. One can use the whistle to signal their friends in case of injury or impending danger. The advantage that the whistle has is that it can be easily heard in a forested area compared to the human voice. The shrilling sound of the whistle can also be used to scare away predators.


Emergency kits

When going out in unknown areas, it is important to be anticipating any eventualities that may happen. In this case, one needs to carry an emergency kit. This kit has a plastic freezer, tape, surgical spirit, and band-aids. They can be used to administer first aid in case of injuries.