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Facts to know about Polythene

We all have used polythene bags or covers at some point. However, besides its basic applications, most people happen to know very little or nothing about polythene. It is one of the most produced plastics globally, and its production and use attract great concerns from environmental agencies. Besides the never-ending campaigns about its production, it is widely used in many areas despite other applications being less suited.

Different types of polythene


Polythene enjoys a vast number of applications. This is attributed to the fact the polymer or chemical element used can be modified to suit these applications. The polymer used is known as polyethylene, which can be chemically modified to form different compounds such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and other compounds like the ultra-high molecular weight Polypropene. Of course, there are many other variants of these elements, which have unique properties. Read on to look at some common types of polyethylene (polythene)

Low-density polyethylene – LDPE

As the name suggests, the low-density polyethylene is a lightweight material. It is very flexible and offers unique flow properties. Ideally, it has low strength properties and excellent tensile strength. This makes it particularly suitable for manufacturing products like shopping bags and covering products. If you need a polythene cover or any of its variants, Polycover should be your next stop.

Linear low-density polyethylene – LLDPE

This shares many similarities with the low-density polyethylene compound highlighted above. Its main strength is that its chemical formula can be altered in different ways to suit various applications. The good thing about modifying LLDPE over LDPE is that it requires less amount of energy to modify and get the product you want.

High-density polyethylene – HDPE

This material is stronger than the two products discussed before. Its moderate stiffness and dense crystalline structure make it stronger. This material is mainly used to manufacture products like milk cartons, laundry detergents, and garbage bins among others.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene – UHDPE

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Unlike the HDPE, the UHDPE is known for its strength. It offers immense strength and is mainly used in applications that require high tensile strength. For instance, it is the main elements used in the construction of bulletproof vests.

Now that we know the main varieties of polyethylene, you also need to know that some characteristics that make them different. For instance, they keep moisture in, they can be melted by heat, and they are not organic. These are three main characteristics that make them to be used so often.…